Explore Used Toyota Cars in Toowoomba with Reg Collins Used Cars as Your Dealer

Why pay a premium price for a brand-new vehicle when you can find a used car with plenty of life left in it for a significantly more affordable price? At Reg Collins Used Cars, we make it easy to choose used over new. Our used cars are well-cared-for, carefully inspected, recently serviced, thoroughly detailed and packed with value. If you are shopping for a used Toyota in Toowoomba, we are the dealer to help you find the right car.

No Hidden Charges: Buy with Confidence When You Choose Reg Collins Used Cars

When you select Reg Collins Used Cars as your used Toyota dealer in Toowoomba, you get multiple perks and benefits. For instance, as mentioned previously, we detail every car before we finalise a sale, and even do paint touch-ups where necessary. As a result, when you drive a car off our lot, you will be driving a used vehicle but it will look and feel like a new vehicle.

You will often find, when searching Toowoomba for Toyota used cars you may encounter hidden charges and other sneaky sales tactics. So often when you buy a car, the ‘sticker price’ isn’t actually what you pay. You pay the dealer for the car, but then you still need to spend extra money to get your Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC), to pay stamp duty, to register your vehicle and more.

At Reg Collins Used Cars, we think our buyers deserve more transparency when they buy with us. We also think that selling a car without an RWC or registration—things that every driver is going to need anyway—is an inherently manipulative tactic. As such, when you shop with us for a used Toyota in Toowoomba, you aren’t going to contend with any hidden charges. The prices we advertise for cars—whether on the ‘sticker’ or our website—are what you will pay. We include stamp duty, RWC, registration and all other road costs in the sale price. This commitment, to transparency in pricing, makes it a lot easier for our customers to budget for buying a car.

We also give every car a thorough inspection when it comes into our possession. Our goal is to make sure every car is in good mechanical shape when we sell it. Any necessary repairs or services have also happened before you buy, so you don’t need to worry about driving the car directly to a garage for an oil change or some other fix.

Make us Your Used Toyota Dealer in Toowoomba

Next time you are shopping Toowoomba for Toyota used cars, make Reg Collins Used Cars your first stop. We can show you the Toyota models we currently have in stock, walk you through their key details (how many kilometres, manual or automatic, etc.) and get you set up for a test drive. If we don’t have the Toyota model you had in mind, we can recommend comparable vehicles from the rest of our stock. Contact us today to learn more.