Reg Collins Car Sales Your Used Mitsubishi Dealer in Toowoomba

We have been selling used cars for over 40 years and are happy to be your used Mitsubishi dealer in Toowoomba. We have our own Tradesman on site, who completes 95% of the work required on all our used vehicles so that you can rely on us for excellent service and reliable vehicles.

Why Trust a Toowoomba Mitsubishi Used Cars?

Mitsubishi has been in business for over 130 years, and there are over 11 million people around the world driving a Mitsubishi vehicle. With so many people driving Mitsubishi vehicles, it is not surprising to hear that there are over 200 Mitsubishi dealers in Australia. We are proud to be your Mitsubishi dealer.

As a company, Mitsubishi prides themselves on their advanced technology, driver confidence, street presence, and superior value. Everyone wants to look and feel good when they drive around, and Mitsubishi vehicles not only deliver but are reliable with good fuel mileage.

Why Buy a Used Mitsubishi in Toowoomba

Buying a used Mitsubishi vehicle has many benefits, including saving you money and providing you with reliable transport.

New vehicles start to depreciate quickly as soon as you drive them off the lot. On average, after just three years, most new cars are worth 54% of the original purchase price. By purchasing a used vehicle, the original owner pays the depreciation for you - saving you a significant amount of money, when compared to buying new. Consider this, when someone purchases a new vehicle, they often tell themselves they will drive it for ten to fifteen years, but will they? Reality is, most people will trade in that new vehicle before they reach ten years, so do not get the same value for their up-front costs as they would if they bought a used vehicle. Your used Mitsubishi may be three years old already, but if you drive it for eight years, you not only save money upfront, you also get more value out of your time with that vehicle.

Vehicles, including Mitsubishi, are now built to last longer. We are more likely to get ten to fifteen years of use out of our cars, than in the past. At Reg Collins Car Sales, our used cars can be very reliable, as they have proven their roadworthiness with their previous owner, and we do our best to ensure they are in good mechanical condition.

Why Buy Used Cars at Reg Collins Car Sales?

Reg Collins Car Sales is your used Mitsubishi dealer in Toowoomba, and we work to ensure you have a first-rate customer experience. All our vehicles come with a warranty and are sold with a Safety Certificate (RWC). Our prices include registration and road costs, so there are no hidden fees. We have a good service history and have our own tradesman. We do 95% of the work on all our used vehicles on site, including any necessary detailing and touch-ups. You get the feel of a new vehicle, without the new vehicle price tag.

You can view our available used Mitsubishi vehicles in our online inventory, but we encourage you to visit our dealership and take one (or more) for a test drive.