Used Dual Cab Utes for Sale in Toowoomba QLD Come with Warranties

Used dual cab utes in Toowoomba are great utility vehicles for any purpose. From off-roading fun to work vehicles, dual cab utes offer a multitude of uses and can accommodate multiple passengers. Reg Collins Car Sales has a vast selection of used utes for sale in Toowoomba QLD that can handle your needs.

Benefits of Used Utes in Toowoomba

Buying a pre-owned vehicle comes with many benefits that may even leave money in your wallet. Used cars come with a lower price tag and less depreciation. The original owner eliminates the depreciation for you so that you end up paying a lot less for the same vehicle. A newer used Ute has a much lower price tag than when first driven off the lot which reduces the price substantially for you. It also lowers duty and tax fees making a used car a better option especially if you will be working it hard.

New cars come with extra options that increase the price of the vehicle. When purchasing a used vehicle, those additional options are now standard and don’t inflate the cost as they did when brand new. This saving means you can get a fully loaded used ute at a great price and feel like you have struck a bonus. You also eliminate dealer fees that were included in the original list price saving more money overall.

Used is Just as Good as New at Reg Collins Car Sales

You don’t have to think that you are buying damaged goods when shopping for new transportation. If you are buying from a dealer who checks every vehicle carefully, makes necessary repairs, and offers a cooling off period if you discover something they missed, you are in the right place. A licensed motor dealer will ensure the title is clear and debt free and provide warranties that cover significant issues for a prescribed period or amount of mileage.

About Reg Collins Car Sales

Our family owned and operated business has been in the same location since 1975. We offer used utes for sale in Toowoomba that have been scrutinised by our experienced technicians to ensure safety and good running condition. We also touch up the paint, so your used ute looks brand new. Our service department goes over each vehicle looking for wear and tear and makes necessary repairs so you can enjoy many miles from your used vehicle. When something does break down, bring it to our mechanics for quality repairs that get you back on the road quickly.

We carry ex-government, fleet and council vehicles and provide a Safety Certificate with Stamp Duty, registration and all road costs included in the sales price. You won’t find any hidden charges and will receive a warranty that guarantees service when required. We invite you to come by and test drive a used ute and experience the pleasure of owning a used vehicle that performs as well as a new one at almost half the cost. Contact us for information on any of our vehicles for sale and save money to be used on other things.