Visit Reg Collins Car Sales for Used Cars in the Toowoomba Region and QLD

Reg Collins Car Sales is a family run business established in 1975. We have operated from our current premises since 1993. David and Nikki Collins, Bryan and Vanessa Collins and family are happy to provide used cars to the Toowoomba region.

Why You Should Buy a Used Cars in Toowoomba QLD

We all love that new car smell and shiny finish, but there is much more to buying a vehicle than a new smell and shine. Buying a used vehicle has many benefits including saving you money, reliability, and sustainability.

New cars depreciate very quickly. As soon as you drive off the lot, your new car is considered used and is not worth the same amount that you paid. After just three years, your new vehicle is worth 54% of what you originally paid, on average. Why pay for this depreciation? Buying a used car saves you money, by having someone else pay for the depreciation.

In most states, buying a used vehicle will reduce your insurance costs. Used cars are considered of less value than a new vehicle and cost less to repair or replace. Insurance companies recognise the reduced value and lower costs and pass those savings on to you with decreased insurance charges. Keeping your insurance bills lower and saving you money over time, when compared to buying a new vehicle.

Vehicles are now built to last longer, even if they are not well maintained. A used car has a history of use and has proven its reliability for someone else. Every used vehicle we sell comes with a Safety Certificate (RWC), so you know we have done our best to ensure all possible mechanical issues are taken care of before you buy your used vehicle. Making the purchase of a used car that will last, that much easier.

Finally, sustainability – even if you cannot purchase a hybrid vehicle, you can have an impact on the environment. Production of new vehicles contributes to pollution and greenhouse gases. By buying a used car in Toowoomba, you are getting a new-to-you vehicle and reducing the production of new cars. Not only does buying used decrease carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, but it also reduces energy consumed during the manufacturing process and prevents a useful vehicle from going to the scrap yard for at least a few more years.

Benefits of Buying Used Cars in the Toowoomba Region

At Reg Collins Car Sales, we provide warranties with a Safety Certificate (RWC) for all our vehicles. You can confidently buy a used car, knowing that it has been inspected and is in excellent mechanical condition.

We even have an in-house tradesman, who completes 95% of the work needed on our used vehicles. If required, we complete detailing and touch-ups on site, so you get the new car feel, without spending the extra money.

With our used vehicles, there are no hidden costs. The registration and road costs are included in the price, so there are no surprises when you sit down to purchase your vehicle. Also, all sales in Queensland are covered by the Office of Fair Trading.

With over 40 years providing used cars to the Toowoomba region, you can feel confident knowing that you are purchasing a quality, certified used vehicle.

Have a look at our inventory online, but then come in and visit us. There is no better way to inspect a used vehicle than to see it for yourself and take it for a drive.