Second Hand Cars and Dealerships in Toowoomba

Second hand car dealerships generally don’t have a good name. Reg Collins Car Sales is different. We have been around for more than four decades, offering the public reliable service and vehicles in this dubious market.

Toowoomba Second Hand Cars from Reg Collins Car Sales

Our policies and procedures are in line with laws and regulations as stipulated by the Queensland government. We invite you to visit their site regarding fair trading where you will find guidelines for business and industry and the public. By subscribing to these regulations, we ensure that our company operates with integrity and transparency.

Level of Service

Supplying quality, second hand cars in Toowoomba at affordable prices to the public is the driving force behind our popular customer service. Maintaining a mutually beneficial relationship with the great people on the Darling Downs is crucial to our existence. Hence, you should never expect, nor settle for anything than the absolute best when dealing with us. From the vehicle, financing, vehicle servicing or an online enquiry, our team is driven to raise the bar on service excellence consistently.

Variety at Second Hand Car Dealers in Toowoomba

The selection of vehicles for sale from our second-hand car dealership in Toowoomba is extensive. In-house tradesmen have repaired the vehicles to ensure they are mechanically sound. Whether you are looking for a 4WD, Ute, wagon or SUV, you are sure to find what you are looking for at our dealership which is packed with an amazing selection of used cars.

Manufacturers represented in our car yard sounds like a who’s who list of a vehicle red carpet event. Choose from Ford, Nissan, Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi or Mazda. Should you visit our online stock holding, you can filter your search even further, not just by category or manufacturer, but, also by model, year and price range.

You Get More Car for Your Buck at Reg Collins Car Sales

With the value-add services we offer, not hiding any charges nor springing surprise costs on you at the last minute, the price you see is the price you pay.

Warranties are standard on all vehicles which also have an excellent service history. The selling price of vehicles includes RWC Certificate, stamp duties, registration as well as on-road costs. Seriously, there are no hidden costs.

Do your homework when buying 2nd hand cars in Toowoomba, such as clear title, buy from a licensed motor dealer, be aware of the cooling off period when buying second hand cars, guarantees and warranties for used cars and so forth. Second hand car dealers in Toowoomba are part of a thriving business; Reg Collins Car Sales is the leader of the pack.

Give us a call, visit our car park, whatever you do, be sure to suss us out mate, you will save yourself time, spare yourself frustration and possibly save money when you allow our team to take care of your second-hand car needs. Reg Collins Car Sales, we do it differently.