Cheap Car Sales in Toowoomba and QLD

Purchasing cars for sale in Toowoomba is a breeze when you use our dealership. This family-run business has been around since 1975, has a wide variety of vehicles and is difficult to beat with our exceptional service.

Legal Aspects of Car Sales in Toowoomba QLD

All vehicle sales in Queensland are covered by the Office of Fair Trading who aim to deliver a safe marketplace for the Queensland public. Besides the general topics they deal with, they have a specific section dedicated to motor vehicles. In this motor industry regulation section, they offer various guidelines as to the running of a motor dealer business, legal requirements for a motor transaction including several registration requirements pertaining to the motor vehicle industry.

These regulations cover numerous aspects, including the cooling-off period, guarantees, warranties also buying from a licensed motor dealer etc. It is crucial that you educate yourself in this regard, as it will help prevent a horrible experience when buying a second-hand car.

Online Car Sales in Toowoomba

Our extensive range of available vehicles where you can view the details of the cars. Should you find something you are interested in, you are welcome to enquire about it online, however, rather visit our dealership to test drive a vehicle. Once you have experienced the vehicle on the road, heard the engine running in addition to scrutinising it for damages, then only are you in the best possible position to negotiate a deal that suits you.

No Surprise or Hidden Costs

Often dealerships offer cheap cars for sale in Toowoomba, yet, once all the hidden or additional costs are added, there is nothing cheap about the car anymore. At Reg Collins Car Sales, the sale price of the vehicle includes stamp duty, on-road costs and safety certificate (RWC).

Affordability and Financing the Vehicle

Ensuring you can afford the vehicle you want to purchase, is an important consideration. Use our online Affordability Calculator or the Finance Calculator to answer these two questions for yourself. If you can afford the vehicle, complete an online financial enquiry and our team will contact you during business hours to further discuss your financial requirements, whether it be consumer loan finance, leases, Chattel mortgage or hire purchase, our trained personnel will guide you to the best budget-friendly financial solution.

Insurance for Cars in Toowoomba

Our partnership with Avea® brings you affordable, tailored insurance, which suits your budget. Chat with our team to ensure your vehicle insurance covers your lifestyle from mundane work trips to off the beaten track excursions.

Purchase one of the many cars for sale in Toowoomba, QLD from Reg Collins Car Sales; you can then discover why our name precedes us. All vehicles sold are mechanically scrutinised by our on-site tradesmen who repair 95% of our sale stock.

Mate, become part of our family,call or come and visit us and buy your next car from us.